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All students must be taught effective sex, relationships and health education from 2020. This education is essential to give young people the tools they need to thrive during school and when they leave, to help them “grow up happy and well-rounded"


We understand that schools may not have all the necessary knowledge in order to effectively teach and guide students in these sensitive subject areas, and that external speakers cost a lot of time and resources in order to organise. Our hassle-free programme is a whole-school provision with expert facilitators and resources to enhance student wellbeing- targeting specific outcomes for students,  enriching your school culture and freeing up valuable staff time.


3 Core Focuses:

Challenge attitudes & perceptions

Empower students with knowledge & resilience

Inspire students to make healthy decisions


Our engaging curriculum is designed to challenge, empower and inspire students throughout the academic year, delivering interactive and honest workshops in key areas such as sex education, puberty and mental health to students, providing school staffing teams with bespoke twilight CPD workshops, and offering parents educational seminars for parents evenings. This three-pronged approach will help to maximise the success of students and allow them to thrive.

Year 7

  • Puberty

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Me, Myself and I Online

Year 8

  • Consent and Control

  • Self-esteem & Self-harm

  • Peer and Family Pressures

  • Sharing and Social Media

Year 9

  • Sex Education

  • The Modern World of Sex

  • Gang Culture/ Knife Crime

  • The Blame Game

Year 10

  • Mental Health

  • Gender & Sexuality

  • Alcohol & Gateway Drugs

  • Radicalisation & Extremism

Year 11

  • Maintaining a Positive Mind

  • Mindfulness

  • Substance Misuse

  • Pregnancy


Staff twilight CPD workshops (on topics tailored to your school/staffing needs)

1:1/ small group intervention sessions for vulnerable students

Parent seminars (on topics tailored to your school needs)

High-quality lesson plans and presentations for key topics to help with follow up sessions and guidance

Signposting materials including posters to help decorate your corridor

Benefits include: reduced need for expensive drop-down-days, increased impact for students, more time available for teaching and support staff (as we do not require a staff member in the room during facilitation) and many more! 

"I have learnt that we are all unique and equal. You can choose to be whoever you want and like whatever you want; don't judge people for who they are and don't be ashamed for who you are- you do you!"   - pupil at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy

"This has been really helpful- it's so nice to be able to ask questions and not feel embarrassed.

These are life lessons that I will definitely take away with me"   - pupil at The Kimberley School

Powerful education brought to life by



1 year group

£80 per hour

£400 per day

3 year groups

5 year groups

No. of Year Groups

Average Cost

per Pupil


per Term

Total Cost





£1 250

£1 850

£1 500

£3 750

£5 550

We're motivated by student outcomes, not the size of our wallet. We try to accomodate individual budgets wherever possible and offer a money-back guarantee. The table below shows an example pricing structure for a full academic year.

Discounts may be available for your school, please enquire for details

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