2022 - New year, even more impact!

We are so excited for an impactful and successful 2022 here at Think for the Future. We now work with over 5000 disengaged students in 120 schools to help break down barriers to learning and transform school engagement. We received fantastic feedback from our partner schools last term and really look forward to another term of working closely together to ensure that the provision has maximum impact in your school. Our group-based mentoring provision enables us to support high numbers of your students.

You might now be very familiar with your TFTF mentor at your school, we hope you have had a chance to say hi or even share a coffee/tea together! If you haven't managed to see your TFTF provision in action, one of our TFTF mentors who works with students in the Milton Keynes area has described a ‘day in the life’ as a mentor:

“Our working day starts at 8am, we set up our classroom and sessions to prepare for the day ahead.

We also create a 'purple presence' by being visible around the school, standing at the gate to greet students or attending meetings with key staff members to keep updated with information regarding specific students. The sessions we deliver are tailored to the specific needs of the groups that we work with. These include but are not limited to behaviour, resilience, self-esteem, attendance, and aspirations.

I aim to make sessions as interactive as possible to keep a positive dynamic and open environment where pupils can develop through the social and emotional learning curriculum and reach their goals. A big part of my job as a TFTF mentor is to provide a safe space where students

feel comfortable to express their thoughts and feelings, which ultimately helps with in school engagement. Our sessions involve a mixture of games, videos, group/individual work, and discussions as a tool to empower the students to reach their full potential. At the end of the day, we catch up with key members of staff, and sometimes get involved in meeting with parents or other key staff members. We also write up our end of day report which gives us a great opportunity to give an overview of the progress students have made and outline the curriculum that each group explored on the day.”

January has been an exciting month, with new and experienced mentors joining together for our compulsory January CPD training here at our head office in Nottingham. Our training gives our mentors the opportunity to develop the skills and experience they already bring to the role and apply theory to their work. We also managed to go for a delicious curry as a team in between all the behaviour management, safeguarding, curriculum, and other sessions that our January training bought to the table!

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