Creative Mode: Activated!

In order to celebrate National Poetry Day, we held a exciting Poetry Competition for students on the TFTF Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring Provision. This fun competition was a great way for us to encourage students to get their creative hats on and write a poem about a role model that has inspired them in their life, with a chance to win a purple TFTF box full of goodies including an Amazon gift voucher and (of course!) lots of tasty TFTF chocolate.

A huge well done to all students for submitting fantastic entries, we received lots of poems from students across the country from Cambridgeshire all the way up to Leeds. The competition highlighted just how talented and creative young people on our provision are - especially with a chocolate incentive! Check out some of the great entries that we received below - including our winning poem.

Example One: A fantastic entry about Marcus Rashford who really is an inspiration to this talented student from Bulwell Academy.

Example Two: A brilliant entry which highlights the power of never giving up submitted by a creative student from Lodge Park Academy.

A huge congratulations to our winner... a talented student from Bradfield School, Sheffield! We are so excited to share your amazing poem which highlights just how much your grandparents mean to you and how special grandparents really are. When you come back from a well rested half term break, you will receive your TFTF purple box full of goodies.

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