Data Dive

As a data-driven organisation, evaluating the impact of the TFTF Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring Provision to ensure we are providing a high-quality, evidence-based provision is a huge part of us supporting students in achieving improved and sustained outcomes.

Over the summer, our in-house Impact Data team have been working hard (whilst drinking lots of coffee) to further develop our TFTF Impact Portal and deepen the level of behavioural analysis we’re providing to our schools in their termly Impact Reports.

A key part of the jigsaw is our newly-developed TFTF Register App. Our app links to our school’s MIS, such as SIMS, using our data connection and allows Mentors to register students and easily record attendance to TFTF sessions and the curriculum topic delivered.

We use the information collected through the app to feed into our school’s termly Impact Reports, enabling us to report on how many

TFTF sessions each student has attended and the tailored curriculum they have received. We can also highlight if a student misses a session and provide solutions for increased attendance which means that our communication with our schools remains highly effective and we can work together to ensure that students are making the most of their TFTF sessions to achieve positive outcomes.

An exciting development and a useful tool in enabling us to better support our schools in utilising their TFTF provision for best outcomes!

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