Goal setting for school engagement

An important part of developing and supporting students’ resilience for our mentors this term has been encouraging routine and providing strategies for motivation.

Whilst goal setting has always been an important tool in TFTF Behaviour and Resilience

Mentoring, our mentors have found setting short-term SMART targets for their students have helped keep them engaged with online school provision and communication.

Sharing the goals with Heads of Year has also helped maintain a whole school commitment to the student’s individual goals whilst the mentor can continue to keep the young person accountable for their success.

Chris Sutherland, one of our mentors working in schools across Northamptonshire, explained:

‘Setting goals for the students has helped keep my young people focussed on what they are wanting to achieve. I’ve been setting them on a weekly, monthly and termly basis to ensure the motivation is sustained and we can discuss progress each time we meet. I’ve found that having a mix of school-based targets and personal goals has worked well for ensuring they maintain responsibility for their achievements.’

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