Inclusion Centre Manager Spotlight: Nathan Kirby

Nathan is an Inclusion Centre Manager for one of our partner schools in Sheffield City, managing the internal inclusion provision to prevent permanent exclusion for pupils who are high risk within the mainstream setting and to transform their educational engagement and behaviour.

Nathan has a drive and passion for helping to educate and support students to overcome their barriers and achieve their goals. He aims to bring out the best in the young people that he works with and create an open environment where students can be honest in order to develop their social and emotional skills. Nathan wants to pass on important life skills such as self-discipline, integrity and accountability. He believes in creating a supportive community where students in his session care for each other and themselves.

"I grew up in Sheffield and always struggled with my behaviour in school and spent a period of time in a pupil referral unit. I was fortunate to have the support of a mentor who guided me and prevented me from making further mistakes in my teenage years. I had ups and downs during my school years but eventually found exercise as a way to improve my mental health. I successfully completed Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science at college and now have a passion for supporting young people to also overcome their barriers and achieve their goals. I want to use the mistakes I made at an early age to equip young people with a better understanding of the consequences of their actions, and to show them how important education is to achieve their dreams!"

The rapport your mentor builds with your students is essential to our programme. During the onboarding process, we closely match our TFTF mentor to meet the needs of your school and pupils which will ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. All our mentors are extensively trained and managed by Think for the Future with quality assurance session observations occurring throughout the year to ensure our delivery remains of the highest standard.

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