Introducing our School Services Team

Our dedicated School Services Team are our school’s first point of contact for anything and everything related to their Think for the Future provision. From the very beginning of the onboarding process, the School Services Team is on hand through each step of the way to support our schools and ensure things are running smoothly. The team enjoy building a tailored and personable relationship with our school leaders, in turn helping to ensure the provision is meeting both the schools needs and TFTF’s provision standards – both of which are enhanced by using a powerful combination of data and years of experience.

The data feedback from the schools and regular correspondence allows the team to be able to promptly problem solve and spot any areas for improvement within the provision structure and ensure it is being used in a way that maximises impact for students. Day to day, the team can be found visiting our schools for formal review meetings or quality assurance checks to ensure everything is running smoothly on the ground level, or at our head office working behind the scenes on enhancing our schools’ experience!

Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or would like any support with your Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring Provision.

The School Services Team’s contact details:

Susanna Holt | School Services Director Natalie Marshall | School Services Manager 01157180399 | Ext 707 | 07915045586 01157180399 | Ext 711 | 07915035633

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