Mentor Spotlight: Cairo Brooks -Hoo

Cairo empowers the young people that he works with. He aims to spark the minds of students and challenge them to become the best they can be. He is a sounding board for his mentees and supports students to reach their goals and develop in each session. Cairo describes himself as a trustworthy, understanding, and relatable role model for young people.

"Growing up I lived in inner city Birmingham, and from the time I could walk I have always loved

football. Going into secondary school I signed for Aston Villa where I spent a few years within the academy and had some fantastic experiences. During my time at secondary school, I had a few positive role models which helped me to develop both academically and socially. I’ve always had a massive interest in self-improvement and the improvement of others, which is why I really enjoy mentoring. I strongly believe that everyone has potential that just needs to be unlocked."

The rapport your mentor builds with your students is essential to our programme. During the onboarding process, we closely match our TFTF mentor to meet the needs of your school and pupils which will ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. All our mentors are extensively trained and managed by Think for the Future with quality assurance session observations occurring throughout the year to ensure our delivery remains of the highest standard.

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