Mentor Spotlight: Dana Davey

Dana is a positive role model and aims to make a meaningful impact in students lives. She strives to

motivate and empower young people by creating a safe space where they feel valued in order to reach their full potential and have belief in themselves. Dana describes herself as a adaptable, passionate, and empathetic role model for young people.

"I studied Youth Work and Community Development at University, which opened up many avenues to expand my opportunities, both in the UK and internationally. I have been lucky to work with marginalised groups of young people in Toronto and explored how poverty effects young

people in Florida. I have also worked with young transgender people, advocating on their behalf in

schools, as well as being part of an alternative education provision in an outdoor pursuits centre. I love working with students in schools as a TFTF mentor, providing them with the tools and opportunities to become strong and independent individuals who feel that they have purpose and a voice within our society."

The rapport your mentor builds with your students is essential to our programme. During the onboarding process, we closely match our TFTF mentor to meet the needs of your school and pupils which will ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. All our mentors are extensively trained and managed by Think for the Future with quality assurance session observations occurring throughout the year to ensure our delivery remains of the highest standard.

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