Mentor Spotlight: Jamie Bradley

Jamie's approachable and friendly personality engages young people and helps to create an open environment for students to express their feelings and explore the social and emotional learning curriculum. Jamie describes himself as a trustworthy, fun, and relatable role model for young people.

"I grew up in a hardworking family living in a village on the outskirts of Lincoln. I started to get exposed to leadership roles during University which sparked my passion to support young people. I have gained a huge amount of experience working with young people and I am passionate about helping students overcome barriers that are holding them back from reaching their academic and personal goals. I look to give young people all the tools possible to better themselves for their school life and beyond."

The rapport your mentor builds with your students is essential to our programme. During the onboarding process, we closely match our TFTF mentor to meet the needs of your school and pupils which will ensure that positive outcomes are achieved. All our mentors are extensively trained and managed by Think for the Future with quality assurance session observations occurring throughout the year to ensure our delivery remains of the highest standard.

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