Mentor Spotlight: Josh Moore

Hi, I’m Josh!

I was born and raised in a town called Ipswich, more commonly known as the town where Ed Sheeran was born! As I am such an outdoor person, playing sports and spending time with family and friends, it was a great place to grow up. I went to a school in Essex to follow my dream of becoming a professional footballer which meant that I could train every day because the professional club which I signed for had an elite programme within the school. The commitment needed helped me learn so many skills and traits which have been beneficial for my life after school.

Being a TFTF mentor enables me to be a positive presence in young people's lives. I have seen too many people with amazing talents become misunderstood and putting their energy into something which is not beneficial. As a mentor, it is so satisfying to work with students to give their efforts positive direction. I draw on the experiences I had at school and aim to be a consistent positive influence in supporting young people to achieve the best grades as possible so when they leave school, they have the best opportunity to get a good career, in something they really enjoy. I enjoy being a positive role model in my mentee's lives and opening their eyes to what can be achieved.

The most rewarding experience I have had so far is when I set a student an attendance/behaviour points goal. He really went above and beyond! Even with a suspected broken wrist he was determined to come into school, and even when it was confirmed he still came back the next day. Myself, his parents and the school were so proud of him for getting 100% and 0 negative behaviour points in 8 weeks. A real achievement!

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