The Start of a New Year

Whilst January 2021 did not start as many of us were hoping, it’s been an exciting month for our 24 new schools across the UK. With our team growing even further with 7 new mentors joining us in the last half-term, we’re now able to reach over 2,000 students a day and support these young people to engage with the opportunities being provided to them and overcome the challenges they face at this difficult time.

The work our Behaviour and Resilience Mentors do with students is more important now than ever before, with young people across the UK having faced months of social isolation over the year. Our mentors have been working specifically with students to utilise strategies for motivation, healthy habits and communication to name a few, which has been a valuable resource in helping schools to engage their students in online learning and continue accessing academic provision whilst maintaining well-being and good mental health.

An important link in joining the dots, continuing the relationships made with students has also been made possible through door-step visits and regular phone and video calls, providing schools which much-needed updates on their most vulnerable of students and ensuring young people remain safe and well within their homes.

We’re looking forward to working in partnership with all our schools in supporting students over this year, especially during the crucial transition period back to students attending full-time in-school provision which we hope is not too far away.

If you would like to find out more about the support Think for the Future can provide your school, please email us at

or give us a call on 0115 718 0399

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