The TFTF Impact Portal

The TFTF Impact Portal contains our industry-leading data dashboards, enabling our team to monitor live behaviour and attendance data for the students on our programme from over 60 schools.

As a data-driven organisation, we are regularly analysing the data we receive to provide us with active measurements and tools to ensure we are providing a high-quality, evidence-based programme to support students in achieving improved and sustained outcomes.

The TFTF Impact Portal contains three main dashboards used by TFTF staff for the management of the programme:

1. The Mentor Dashboards are used daily by our mentors and have been designed to

increase the positive outcomes of our Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring Sessions. They enable the mentor to track student progress, identify common behaviours, set goals and targets on a individual and group level and identify long-term trends in behaviour which influences curriculum and programme design.

Our dashboard shows complete data on a student’s behaviour, attendance and exclusion records over varying time periods in a very visual way, so even if you’re not data minded we would love to show you how they work! Next time your mentor is in school, ask them for a ‘data tour’ and they’d be happy to show you round.

2. The Impact Health dashboard is used by our management team to identify groups and schools which are not showing the desired outcome at the current point in time. We can apply our benchmarking methodology on a live basis, meaning we can respond quickly and put action plans in place to support the mentor and the school to ensure the desired impact is received.

3. Our Quality Assurance Dashboards allow us to track our mentor’s observations scores and the areas of development across our team and analyse the correlation with our impact data across our students. We use this to identify key areas for training and tailor our CPD programmes accordingly. Our QA dashboards help us to allocate you with the right mentor, according to your school’s needs and requirements, by identifying their key strengths and the type of student they work well with.

Our monitoring and impact data reporting is part of your school’s fully-managed service and our termly reports help provide you with the assurances of the service and impact your school is receiving.

Connecting to your schools MIS is quick and easy and just requires our GroupCall Xporter connection to be authorised. If your school is not already taking advantage of our data analysis service, ask your Data Manager to get in touch with to set up authorisation!

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