The Think for the Future Centre @ Firth Park Academy

Part of the Academies Enterprise Trust, we have supported Firth Park Academy in Sheffield with a full-time Think for the Future Behaviour and Resilience mentoring provision for the last two years. Our partnership has been extremely effective, with Think for the Future becoming an integral part of Firth Park Academy’s behaviour and intervention strategies, and our mentors’ part of the Firth Park family.

Launched in September 2020, The Think for the Future Centre is an exciting new approach to alternative education at Firth Park Academy. Managed by a Think for the Future Inclusion Manager, the TFTF Centre is designed to ensure all students have a successful journey through their school years and are supported to develop the knowledge, skills and exceptional character to live a remarkable life.

Supporting Inclusion Centres to be high quality, impactful interventions that prevent young people from being permanently excluded and ensuring they reach their full potential is part of Think for the Future’s mission to transform how behaviour is approached within the UK education system. We work closely with schools to develop the framework and policies for Inclusion Centres to be environments where young people have the opportunity to succeed.

A role we place in a number of Inclusion Centres nationally, a TFTF Inclusion Centre Manager is uniquely positioned to be fully encompassed in each individual students support system, providing the necessary links between the student’s well-being and academic outcomes.

The Inclusion Centre Manager role provides:

- Logistical and management support of the running of the Centre

- High quality behaviour and resilience mentoring on a regular basis, using our highly structured curriculum to form the basis of 1:1 and group sessions

- Support to students to believe in their abilities as young people, have the courage to make the right choices, and to grow in their academic knowledge and thinking

“Think for the Future has been instrumental in supporting some of our most challenging and vulnerable students through its well organised and well-planned mentoring curriculum. The mentors assigned to the school adapted quickly and built strong positive relationships with the students whilst also challenging their behaviour. The impact has been seen across school and they now form an integral part of our pastoral structure."

Dean Jones, Headteacher of Firth Park Academy AET

We are extremely excited to partner with Firth Park Academy in establishing a Think for the Future Centre on their school site, and we look forward to supporting the young people as they continue their school journey at the TFTF Centre.

We would love to discuss with you the opportunity to integrate an Inclusion Centre Manager into your school’s inclusion provision. Please get in touch with or call us on 0115 718 0399

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