Think for the Future's KS2 Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring Provision

Summer Half Term 5 has been an exciting one for the TFTF KS2 Primary Provision. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, group-work has been reinstated and the positive changes in behaviours have been in full swing. Students in the primary setting have been enjoying newly updated session topics tailored to help the reintegration to schools and help manage the new normal.

Reintegration to school, developing a positive mind set, well-being and social media are just a selection of topics that have been delivered across our primary schools and have helped students manage their school lives and access learning and create positive change in their individual behaviours. Mentors have been helping students reintegrate back into school lives and have curbed anxieties around testing’s, masks and protocols of Covid-19, students have benefitted from having their mentor to support them every step of the way.

'I really like how relaxed Olly makes me feel and I really like coming to school now on Thursday to see Olly’

This is first-hand testimony that the students value the provision and its helping maintain a positive, calm and approachable environment.

By helping maintain a positive, calm and approachable environment, the Think for the Future provision has helped students access more learning time and develop coping mechanisms on how best to react when facing adversity or difficult challenges in their school lives, with the ever-changing world this has never been more important .

Another key update from the Primary programme is the introduction of mood changing activities to help set the tone for a mentoring session. The intended purpose is to create an ideal learning environment and to inject energy into a session or to induce calmness to enable in-depth discussion points.

These activities have been received well by the students and our KS2 mentors have found them effective to help reduce anxieties or bring down over energetic behaviours. The activities form a regular part of a primary school mentoring session and set the scene for amazing learning to commence.

Overall it has been a fantastic half term in our primary schools and everyone is looking forward to experiencing new session topics and continuing the curriculum journey and seeing the students grow and achieve their potential!

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