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Our staff CPD and parent workshops are focused on enabling staff and parents with the knowledge, strategies and skills-set to help maximise their impact when working with young people as well as parenting. This includes, how to best manage the difficult challenges caused by prevalent issues that young people face in the modern world. All of our sessions are interactive, reflective and empowering.


Every session can be tailored to the needs of the organisation, staff members, parents needs and student demographic that we are working with, with build-your-own educational packages. These are offered as training workshops of flexible timing lengths.


Our curriculum fits into two core themes, covering a broad spectrum of topics that can be adapted to meet the needs of our participants. We also design and deliver custom-made sessions if we do not currently offer the required topic. This allows us to deliver focused, bespoke sessions with maximum effectiveness.

Wellbeing & Resilience

  • Sexualisation and The Modern Media

  • Understanding Mental Health

  • Anxiety: symptoms and support

  • Maintaining a Positive Staff Mindset

  • Drugs and Alcohol

  • Sexuality and Gender

  • Radicalisation and Extremism

Maximising your Impact

  • Understanding your Students

  • Combating Bullying

  • Tackling Discrimination

  • How to be a Master Communicator

  • Dealing with Challenging Students


We're motivated by school outcomes, not the size of our wallet, operating a low-cost service so that we can maximise impact for as many young people, staff and parents as possible. Please use the pricing structure below as guidance to our costs. 

Stand Alone

(1 session only)

Bundle of 3

(3 sessions)

90 minute workshop

£250 per session

£660 for 3 sessions

£80 per hour

£400 per day


"I cannot recommend Think for the Future highly enough. They are an innovative social enterprise, who are able to provide a personalised training experience, using facilitators who have real life experience of the subject matter. Our trainee teachers always value and enjoy their sessions"

- Helen Staton, Senior Programme Officer, Teach First

Think for the Future Centre,

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