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Think for the Future

Think for the Future

An organisation driven to make an impact on the education system by offering innovative support to young people and schools to improve outcomes. We are also dedicated to operating a sustainable financial model that means we are not reliant on external funding sources, meaning our impact is scalable and sustainable, long into the future. 


Think for the Future was founded in 2012 in partnership with the University of Nottingham. Our journey began by piloting different models of intervention designed to drastically improve outcomes for the hardest-to-reach young people and transforming educational journeys.


From the start, we were heavily focussed on capturing impact data to allow us to compare the success of different models of delivery. We have spent the last 10 years developing and refining our provisions and now partner with over 150 schools delivering impact in transforming the educational journeys of young people.

Since inception it has been incredibly important to operate in a way that is financially sustainable, where we do not seek external funding and instead can sustain our organisational costs through the contracts that we hold with our school partners. We believe that the quality of our impact and our service should be directly linked to our revenue and our company growth. To put it simply, we are only financially sustainable and grow if we do a good job! And this is exactly the accountability we should have for delivering our young people and school customers a high-quality service.

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