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We partner with schools to provide a structured Behaviour and Resilience Mentoring provision which is proven to have a measurable impact on engagement in learning. We position highly trained TFTF Behaviour and Resilience Mentors into our partner schools for between 1-5 days per week to work with targeted groups of students who are struggling to engage in education. Our Mentors are positive role models for your students and are skilled at building powerful relationships and using our social and emotional curriculum to develop character and emotional resilience that students can use to change their in-school engagement.

Our Impact data

Across our 100+ partner schools our provision has a strong reputation based on the high-quality outcomes that it produces and we work with you to closely align our provision to your school's key priority areas.

After two terms on this provision:

Improved Classroom Behaviour

Reduced Exclusions

Increased Attendance

72% of the students that we work with reduce their negative behaviour points by an average of 52%. Saving your staff valuable time and reducing disruption to learning.

85% of the students that we work with reduce their fixed term exclusions by 15%. Increasing the amount of time students spend in school.

71% of the students that we work with improve their attendance by 10%. This means more time in the classroom learning.

Why do schools partner with us?


Reduce disruption to learning and save your staff time


Proven to have a measurable impact on pupil outcomes


Build emotional resilience and character in your students


Prevent and reduce exclusions and save costs


An exceptional provsion and long term partner you can rely on

How does it work?


We work with a range of target pupils who are disengaged from education. Pupils who are: at risk of exclusion, disruptive with their behaviour, have low attendance and low emotional resilience. 


We are experts at recruiting and extensively training brilliant role models who we know will excel for your school. The rapport our mentors build with pupils is essential to our programme and we are very good at matching the mentor who has the most relevant life-experience to your school and pupils. Read about some of our mentors' stories below:

Vila Headshot.JPG

"Whilst at school, rugby got me through and I’ve since had an amazing journey with sport, playing professionally for 4 years. That journey has moulded me into the man I am today and has made me want to help other young people reach their  potential."

Nathan Headshot.JPG

"As a young person I was in and out of trouble and was involved in gangs and criminal activity, I moved schools a lot which made it difficult for me to find a positive role model. I then turned my life around and chose to build a career working with young people and children to deter them from the types of mistakes I made and help them to see the value of education."


"I started my career playing football for Derby County Ladies before I made the move to follow my passion and work with young people. I have extensive experience working with students in inclusion centers and schools, where my aim is to support young people to overcome their barrier to success!"

Zondi Headshot.JPG

"My style is transparent and approachable. My charismatic presence gives young people the chance to be comfortable and talk to me about anything that is worrying them in a safe respectful atmosphere"

Christian Headshot NEW.JPG

"Being a mentor allows me to be that positive role model for young people to help them overcome challenges growing up. As a mentor I bring a lot of fun and energy to my sessions and want to encourage my mentees to live a positive life and reach their potential."

Alex 2020 Headshot.JPG

"I like to understand my mentees attitude towards life and school, being aware of all factors that affect their behaviour. My approach is then motivational, always applying their goals to their current behaviour and mindset."


"I was born and raised in Wolverhampton, where I struggled at school with my behaviour however with a strong mentor I turned my behaviour around and achieved my GCSE's.  At college I worked as  a football coach and it was here that I found my passion for inspiring the next generation."

Connor TFTF.jpeg

"By working with people from a wide range of ages, backgrounds and cultures, I'm able to understand that not every challenge can be dealt with in the same way, leaving me very open minded to the different learning styles of my mentees."

Josh Headshot.jpg

"Being a TFTF Mentor enables me to be a positive presence in young people's lives. I have seen too many people with amazing potential pursue a negative lifestyle so I enjoy being a positive role model in my mentee's lives and opening their eyes to what is possible."

Lewis Headshot.JPG

"My mentoring sytle is high-energy, completely transparent and honest. It is to empower and self-love. By challenging behaviour and lifestyle through the lessons I've learnt, I want to give mentees the tools they need to overcome challenges and barriers. I want to steer them towards being the best version of themselves.

Matt TFTF_edited.jpg

"Through my own experiences, I am able to advocate for young people as well as supporting them to develop their emotional resilience, building courage and helping them reach their full potential."

Tom TFTF.jpeg

"My style as a mentor is approachable, communicative, with very strong listening skills to enable powerful discussions to take place. I like to convey my passion in my every day work and give 100% all of the time to be a role model for my pupils."


Our management team ensures that the programme is highly structured for your students. Our Mentor(s) are on-site between 8am - 4pm running group-based mentoring sessions (6-15 per class). They typically run 5x1 hour sessions per day, in time with your school's timetable which makes it nice and easy to organise.


The provision is based on a curriculum of over 200 interactive sessions. The curriculum is designed to challenge students, build social and emotional resilience and give them the skills they need to transform their school engagement. Each group of TFTF Mentees receives a tailored curriculum journey based on their needs and we make sure this closely aligns closely with the target outcomes of your school.

Developing Communication and Social Skills

Dealing with Emotions

Improving Behaviours and Attitudes

Understanding Responsibility 

Building Confidence, Resilience and Self-Esteem

Coping with the Social Environment 

Having Respect

& Tolerance


Thinking about Aspirations, Motivations & The Future


Our provision includes advanced Impact Reporting for your school. This means no more trawling through Excel spreadsheets, our in-house data analysts produce Impact Reports for you every term. We connect to your school's data system which creates a live feed of behavioural data to our TFTF Impact Portal. Your mentor also has access to this system and uses the Data Dashboards to tailor their curriculum to the group's needs, stay up-to-date with behaviour trends and ensure they are being data-driven in the way that they work.

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Data Reports NEW.png
Student Trends Page.png


As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we operate a low-cost service as we are motivated by our impact and not our wallets. The table below shows example pricing structures from 1-5 days per week

Days per week

Average Cost
per Full Term


Average No. of Pupils


Average Cost
Per Pupil


1 Full Day 



2 Full Days 

£5 550



per term

This is rated 'low' cost on the Education Endowment Fund's 5-point scale for interventions.

3 Full Days 

£8 325


4 Full Days 

£11 100


5 Full Days 

£13 875




Based on 50 pupils accessing the provision each day in multiple groups of 8-15 students 

Full Term = Autumn, Spring, Summer

Minimum initial sign up of 3 full terms followed by a rolling termly contract

Discounts available for 5+ day books across Trusts and Federations

£80 per hour