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Your Data, Made Simple.

Purple is a powerful, simple and innovative platform that enables SLT, class teachers and colleagues to analyse school data to support improvement and determine the impact of interventions at a very low cost.

What is Purple?

In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, data-driven decision-making is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Schools require tools that empower educators, leadership teams and administrators to analyse data effectively, identify trends, and drive positive change. Enter Purple, a powerful and innovative platform designed to revolutionise school data analytics.​

At its core, Purple serves as a behaviour and attendance analysis platform. By meticulously tracking student behaviour and attendance, you can proactively address issues before they escalate. Whether it’s identifying patterns of absenteeism or tackling behavioural challenges head-on, we offer actionable insights in a simple, visually intuitive manner.

"A valuable tool for Ofsted inspections, as I was able to use data to show the impact of the provision
Alderbrook School Birmingham, Assistant Headteacher

'Revolutionising the power of data'


Our Purple Portal is a powerful and innovative platform designed for school data analytics. It supports school improvement by enabling leaders to analyse data and assess the impact of various interventions.


The Purple system provides live impact reporting, enabling our partner schools to get instant insights from their data. It’s a modern, user-friendly tool aimed at identifying school-wide trends, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of specific programmes, such as our own behaviour and resilience mentoring programme.

Behaviour Monitor

Raw Data Analytics
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School Trends

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Key Focuses

  • Overview of all analytics

  • Attendance

  • Behavioural insights

  • Demographics

School Trends

Whole School Insights
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Group Tracker

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Key Focuses

  • Raw data for group analytics

  • Benchmarked impact data

  • Custom group comparisons

  • Registration group analysis

Behavioural Impact

Cohort & Group Insights
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Student Tracker

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Key Focuses

  • Individual profiles

  • Student comparisons and rankings

  • Detailed analysis and summaries

  • Trajectory tracking

'Redefine data analysis for your staff'


We are proud of our competitive prices and will always be completely honest and transparent about the cost of Purple. 

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3 Users

£600* annual cost



8 Users (5 Additional Users)

£800* annual cost



Unlimited Users

£1200* annual cost


*plus £55 Wonde integration fee per annum

If you are a TFTF partner school, you will receive discount on all Purple platforms (the Essential Plan will be included).

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