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1:3 Ratio
Day Nursery

Warm welcoming nursery, with a 1:3 ratio for all ages, providing opportunities for your child to explore, learn and laugh. With highly qualified and experienced staff who make your child's development their priority, ensuring your child grows to show curiosity and excitement for the world around them.

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We accept funding

We accept funding


Think for the Future Tots is a not-for-profit Nottingham workplace nursery providing outstanding childcare for Think for the Future staff members. 


We are a 9-child nursery, with 3 staff, designed to ensure the Think for the Future staff has outstanding childcare and we are delighted that we have spaces available to those in our local community as well.

Our nursery has highly qualified practitioners who have a range of experience that will ensure your child’s development progresses whilst with us at TFTF Tots, our staff will provide individual opportunities for each child linked to their interests and their own stage of development.

At TFTF Tots we have a calm ‘home-from-home’ style nursery that focuses on your child’s interests and enjoyment. We use these interests to carefully plan our days at TFTF Tots, so we can provide educational moments that your child will already be excited to take part in.

At TFTF Tots, we actively promote working in partnership with parents/carers and strive to forge, build, and maintain the best possible relationships throughout your child’s time with us. We know that nurseries that include parents as partners in their children’s learning have happier families; this results in a positive impact on your child’s development and learning.

Your Childs Development

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework has 3 prime areas of a child’s development:  Personal, Social, Emotional development, Physical development and Communication and Language. Once a child turns 2, we begin to look at 4 more areas: Maths, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive arts & design; these make up the 7 areas of learning. We have carefully designed our nursery to ensure our Nursery will help your child’s development progress in all 7 areas.

Calm Neutral Environment

Colours affect our emotions, behaviour and mood and have a huge effect on how children learn and understand information. Neutral colours on the walls and floors of a nursery can create a calming and nurturing environment, therefore children will be focused on their play entirely and not being distracting by bright displays around them.

Our Cosy Corner

Our cosy corner offers a secure yet stimulating area where children can go to reflect and recharge. Cosy areas are a great space for children to take themselves away from the main room and take a moment to unwind and feel peaceful. With sensory equipment, books and mirrors our cosy corner open up an array of calming and educational opportunities.

Imaginative Play

Our home corner will support your child to develop their imagination skills. Children will begin by replaying everyday activities using the kitchen to make their favourite food, this will develop into symbolic thinking, using a building block as a telephone. Their imagination and creativity will grow until they are creating complex stories to support their play. 

Sensory and messy play

Sensory play is vital for brain development, it enhances memory and the ability to complete complex learning tasks. Sensory play is important for your child for as it helps them to develop fine and gross motor skills whilst messy play enables a child to develop a special awareness of social boundaries by respecting others’ space and developing social skills.

Small World Play

Small-world play isn’t limited to groups, children can, and are often encouraged to play by themselves too. When children do play together, small-world play encourages children to share, communicate with each other, and devise roles between themselves.

Loose Parts Play

Loose parts are objects with no purpose. Children get to choose the way in which they construct and use loose parts which leads towards independence and collaboration with others with lots of math opportunities. The children begin to discuss ideas, listen and problem solve together.

Outdoor learning

The extra space offered by being outdoors will give children the sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves, which will act as a solid foundation for future learning. Young children need the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills.

Key Information

Rhythm of the Day

The teachings of Rudolf Steiner talk about rhythm, in the day and in our bodies.
In the early years, this rhythm translates to having a set and predictable structure for the day, providing children with a sense of security and enabling them to develop self-confidence.

8:00 Children arrive, breakfast is offered whilst free-play is also happening
8:45 Breakfast is finished and nappies changed
9:00 Free-play
9:30 Daily outing
10:00 Snack Time whilst out
11:00 Return from Daily walk and nappy change
11:30 Lunchtime
12:00 Nap times and free-play (for those awake)
2:00 Majority of children will be awake and had nappies changed once woken
2:00 Adult-led activities linked to the child’s interests/sparks
3:30 Snack time followed by free play
5:00 End of Day

The Team


Job Title: Nursery Director

Hello! I'm Ellie Nursery Director for Think for the Future Tots.

I've always loved working with children, I began my childcare journey whilst volunteering in an orphanage in Peru, once I returned I immediately enrolled at University to get my degree in Early Childhood Studies. Whilst at University I also did some teaching in Milan, which started my love in researching how childhood is different across the world. My international experiences enables me to use knowledge from across the globe to enhance my practice.

I have previously worked with a variety of ages, from babies to older children; before TFTF Tots I managed a busy preschool.

I have a love for the outdoors, and think outdoor play is vital for young children, I am a qualified Forest School Leader which shapes my practice with children.

My favourite part of my job, apart from seeing happy faces on the children, is connecting with the families, I love to put on events for the entire family to be involved in, as after all we are guiding your child's development together.


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We accept funding

We accept funding

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Ellie Fox

TFTF Tots Nursery Director

Ofsted Registration Number: 2718494

0115 718 0399

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